Star Wars Playlist

Star Wars the Force Awakens  officially opens today, though if you are a mega-fan or impatient you saw it yesterday. Either way I made a (hopefully) unique playlist to keep your high going or to you excite you. No “Space Oddity”, no “Star Wars Cantina”

Oh!These songs could favor more around movies  4 and 6 (sigh) but that is what I remember more.

Father and Son- Cat Stevens
I bet you thought I would put Cats In the Cradle on here but nope. This is what Vader might have sang to Luke if he hadn’t had been so fucktardely evil already. Maybe when you can’t emote a fucking thing you just turn evil. If you think about it when you have people who feel good for feeling nothing might just start building circles for dickbags.  Don’t Sisyphus this up.

A Long Walk- Jill Scott
I think in all of the movies there is one scene were people walk for an inordinate amount of time. In this era of space travel and amazing technology, the lack of public transportation is astounding. No train around Tatooine? None?

Then He Kissed me- The Crystals
lolol nope. Leia wouldn’t chose this song. She would choose:
Kiss This – The Struts
She is her own woman, no man is going to tame her. He may shut her mouth for a moment but then she will continue on with her on stuff. She is a busy woman with many important things to do.

Garbage Truck- Sex Bob-Omb
Remember that time they almost got compacted by garbage? At least sewage technology is solid in the space future. No public transportation but at least we can shit in peace. How long does it take Vader to undo all of that to pee or poo? Does he just have an easy access flap?

Dirty Summer- Mother Falcon
About that one time in space camp where you were captured by an overweight slug and forced to do god-knows-what while your almost beau was all “hands up don’t shoot”.   I don’t want to know how dirty that summer was.  Do you tell your children these stories, Leia?

Short People – Randy Newman
Because fuck Ewoks. Plot slowing device. Okay I honestly don’t remember the movie at all.

Age Six Racer- Dashboard Confessional
Anakin pod racing song and whiny just like him. He was whiny right? Jar Jar blurs all.

Teacher, Teacher – 38 Special
I really think Luke and Anakin need songs to give Obi Wan. He really is the teacher of them all. Maybe not what they want but what they  need.  I always want Obi Wan he is the bestest in the world. In all the worlds!!

Build – The Housemartins

Darth Vader loves to build. Or maybe he doesn’t and he is just forced to do this for the rest of his life. Or maybe he is secret identity is bob the builder. Either way he is always in construction with contractors that delay everything. Build Build Build.

This One’s For The Children – New Kids on the Block

Remember that time Anakin killed a bunch of kids? Did you forget that? Did i bring up a bad memory?  Well there you go and here is a song.

Rebel Girl – Bikini Kill

A song for Leia and her yummy rebelness. Her ability to be amazing and awesome.

Paranoid Android – Radiohead

Oh C3PO. My little fidgety man. The one who always things everything bad happens. Well it does so really are you that paranoid? But we like to make fun of you but you are just doing your job. You weren’t even supposed to be here today. We know our little gold metal man.

Keep Your Hands to Yourself – The Georgia Satellites

What Luke should have done. Too hot for the hot tub!  Light sabers be sharp yo. Daddies be cruel yo.

Lowly Deserter – Glen Hansard

What I gather from the new movie trailers is that someone deserts something and becomes something. So sure lets go with this.3

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