Of Goats and Lipstick (Christmas Edition)

I am giving you a quick review of two things at the same time:

Colourpop’s Kitty (Ultra Matte To Go set)

All I Want For Christmas Is A Goat (Charity Christmas Album)



Colourpop: They are smaller than the normal lip matte tube but for me that works. I think all of the colors are gorgeous and it helps that this set is all new colors.  They are a good base set for someone who doesn’t have a lot of lipsticks or liquid lipsticks.

All I Want For Christmas is A  Goat: Goat noises make me laugh so so so so so much. This album is perfect for me. On the upside is that the proceeds of the sale of this album go to Action Aid a Swedish charity.


O Come All Ye Faithful 

Goes best with Bianca 

Bianca- soft dusty pink


Both are subdued. Both get the message of beauty across with shoving it in your face. Classic.

Holy Night

Goes best with Times Square

Times Square- muted pink beige


No real reason. They are just both my favorites.

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Goes best with Be Merry

Be Merry- mid-tone true warm pink
  1. They both have merry in the name
  2. They both are bright
  3. They both bring a smile


Goes best with Last Dance

Last Dance – true brick red

They are both feature red. I imagine Last Dance is Rudolph’s nose in the snow. Bright but a bit darker. Sultry nose.

Joy To The World

Goes best with Glitter

Glitter- rich red-violet

They are both bright and shiny. Do goats like shiny things? I hope so because I will be wearing my finest glitter to meet the Yule Goat. Yule Goat is a thing people. So before I was all “yay Rudolph” now fuck him to the side for a goat. Not literally, you  perv.  See Yule Goat:


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