Christmas Vacation Awesome List

I had a long vacation around Christmas and these are some awesome things about that time. I am that simple:

Hateful Eight

I saw the movie 3 times in the theater.  Two of the times was the three hour roadshow version that had an overture and intermission and the third was the regular digital projection. This movie is almost perfection for me. It has all of the elements I love in a Quentin Tarantino move (dialogue/violence) but done with this epic scope precision unlike any of his other movies. It is simple but so focused on faces or a jar of jelly beans. Sometimes you want the dish with 1000 ingredients but there are times where you can appreciate the one that only has 8.



If you know anything about me, I am balling/YOLO-ing hard most every day. I finally had a week or so where I didn’t nee to YOLO so early. See children I am hip like you.  Sleeping in is amazing and beautiful.



Instead of Christmas, we had Bourbonmas. Brunch was adorned with 4 types of bourbon- perfect for coffee, eggnog, or with some ice and bitters. It made brunch a beautiful lovely thing.

Frends Headphones


I was seriously blessed this Christmas with presents and one of the most glorious are these headphones. They are Rose GOLD!!! They sound good too. But they are so pretty!!

Sheet Masks


Santa also brought me an epic ton of sheet masks and I love using them. They are 20 minutes of looking like the creepiest thing in the world to just end up being the most baby-butt soft thing in the world.


It is chilly and these are the best thing for a San Diego girl that isn’t used to San Diego being actually cold. Santa blessed me with a couple and I have been wearing comfy sweaters on the regular. I am like you people who live in cold.

Nest Candles (Hearth/Holiday)


I have grown to love having candles lit to add yummy smells to the Casa. My two favorite ones are the Holiday and Hearth scents from Nest. Holiday smells like Christmas and Hearth smells like a fireplace. So much so I was somewhere that had a real fireplace and wondered if they were burning that candle. I do not understand the concept of a fireplace. But I do know how to light a candle.

Doctor Who Christmas Special


It was the perfect episode. Fun, sweet, sentimental. Exactly what I want from a Doctor Who Christmas special. They are always a kind of stand-alone bridge concept and this one executed it perfectly. I think it is in my top of the Christmas specials.




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