Golden Globes 2016

I am way on top of movie watching this year for the Golden Globes. There were only two movies of the Best Drama/Comedy nominations that I have not seen. I am doing my best to prep for Oscar nominations.

Overall the awards show were happy making for most of the winners. It wasn’t super entertaining but entertaining enough. Here are my notes:

  • Ricky Gervais overall was whatever. There were a couple of good jokes but most seemed forced or were flat.
  • Jonah Hill as the bear was mildy humorous.
  • Kate Winslet beat Alicia Vikander and Jennifer Jason Leigh. I don’t know how to process that. She was good in Steve Jobs. I just don’t know if better than the other two women.
  • I need to watch the Affair. I think I have Showtime. It is on Showtime right?
  • What the fuck is Mozart in the Jungle? It won a couple of awards and I have no idea what this show is about. I have had an hour to look it up and I can’t be bothered.
  • I don’t need to see Wolf Hall but I am buying a Powerball ticket 1.3 billion says what?
  • Things I would do with 1.3 billion
    • Travel
    • Buy a bunny ranch (actual bunnies, you perv)
    • collection of high-heels I can’t walk in. Maybe hire someone to walk in the shoes for me. OR better yet higher two people to hold me up as I walk in the heels.
    • Jungle gym for Cinnamon
    • Can you buy a green card?
    • Champagne and macarons all the fucking time.
    • Hiring a chef to make croissants, sushi, and arancini for me.
    • Buying an Italian villa next do to Clooney “howdy neighbor, have any sugar?”
  • Yayaya Oscar Issac won for Show Me a Hero!! Show #345 I haven’t finished.
  • More things I would do with money:
    • movie theater
    • dining room table chairs (I really need some)
    • electric griddle
  • Jason Statham is funny and hot.  Also I need to see Spy again. You should too if you haven’t.
  • Tom Ford presented an award with Lady Gaga. No idea why he is there except maybe he is an inspiration for Todd Haynes? I love Tom Ford lipsticks and blush. Oh that eyeshadow is amazing too.
  • Christian Slater won for Mr. Robot. Yayay. Oh “Squee, eek yes” – 15 year old Vivi.
  • How much would it cost to get Massive Attack to play for some private time?
  • How much would it cost to convince Adele to come to San Diego. Wait a minute I am filthy rich, I will just go to her. Fine Adele , you win this time.
  • Jamie Foxx – the inside joke man. And bad joke man. Best description from Scott Aukerman ” Weirdly, Jaime Foxx is exactly as funny as he thinks he is.”
  • Enino Morricone Squee for Hateful Eight Soundtrack. QT with the acceptance speech of errors but so much respect and love.
  • Jon Hamm won. “Squee, eek yes” – Today Vivi
  • I want to see Trainwreck again.
  • Matt Damon/Inside Out won. I have nothing funny or poignant to say except good on you.
  • Brad Pitt/ Ryan Gosling. One sandwich I didn’t know could exist in this world.
  • Political Vivi is annoyed by when people talk about the Holocaust like we are going to forget the Holocaust. 1. You won’t let us movie making people. 2. You act like it is the only horrible act of genocide ever. It isn’t and it is still happening which you refuse to acknowledge.
  • Lady Gaga won for American Horror Story. I don’t know if she is actually good or not. I will not try to judge though Leo did .
  • SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE SAM SMITH WON. He is my non sexual bae.
  • Mel Gibson making a joke that he didn’t say those hateful things, isn’t funny. Just creepy and weird that he is allowed to present with no fucking thing to promote.
  • Mr. Robot won! Show #1245 that I haven’t finished.
  • Side note: dude is making an e-reader that works with a vibrator. Sad if the book that makes you come the hardest is Johnny Get His Gun. Though that is a whole tag on xHamster.
  • The Martian won! So happy I finally watched that movie today. Though I think it should be re-titled to The Martian: lets just trash a planet.
  • A Whole Room for just Make-up.
  • Every time I see Will Smith being nominated or promoting Concussion, I think of current epis of Doug Loves Movies and his “tell the truth” impression.
  • LEO FUCKING WINS. And he got a standing ovation. So so happy
  • Also with Leo and Christian Slater winning it is like the Golden Globes are awarding teen Vivi all of her dreams.
  • LEARNING: Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon or the Frequency Illusion:
    • The thing you just found out about now seems to pop up everywhere. It happens because our brain isolates that thing and we unconsciously see it out now.
    • My current, unfortunate, version of this is Farrah Abraham  (from Teen Moms?) which seems to be one of the most trite people in this world. I would say useless but she has a child that she has to at least act like she cares about in order to main celebrity. Though I heard she is selling a silicone version of her vagina. How would you feel to find your mom’s vagina at a garage sale when you are 16. How much therapy do you need for that?
  • A special Screening of Zoolander
  • A screening of something that gets Tilda Swinton in the same room as me
  • Stationery Room
  • Revenant wins! I just saw this movie on Friday and I am so so so so happy that it won. Squee. It is an amazing, meticulous movie.

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