Yeezy Season 3 – The Life of Pablo

These are rough rough notes I made after attending the Yeezy Season 3/Album broadcast in a local movie theater.

It’s reflective in only the way a Kanye album of today can be: arrogant, hurt, focused on god, at times, while all aware of himself and his position.

While the album is wholly good and interesting and full of typical Kanye complexity, such a personal record is  a strange listen while staring at the vacant stares of models. Is that the point or were the fashion show and album streaming just thrown together as an idea?

Highlights from the album
-Thinking sex with Taylor Swift is possible because he made her famous
-Then later saying he gave up women to save his family (Usher much)
-Girls that always be textin
-Calling out Ray J that Kanye is better because he has money.
-Ultra Light Beam is one of the tightest songs I have heard in a while. It made me cry.
-If I remember correctly I think he wanted a camera on his dick and then it evolved to being such a good amateur videographer that he should “go pro”

The fashion show was this interesting: group of models dressed in stylish, derelict attire. The cameras holding long poses on all parts of the models body and faces creating this weird intimacy. You know the models knew they would be filmed but did they know to what focus and intent? Watching it on a screen in a movie theater thousands of miles away it felt almost like violating  privacy. When standing somewhere, we do expect to be seen but not so much up close and not for so long.

When you take that and compare it against the other factors that the cameras were focused on: Kanye and his all male crew of friends and  the Kardashian family  all dressed in furs and matching clothing there becomes these unique sectors to this massive arena. The fans were only shown for a brief moment after the main listening of the album was finished.

With Kanye you see a lot of intent and planning so you want to assume there is some greater purpose to all of this. Some message of an ensemble full of mostly African-American models juxtposed  to a Kanye record that isn’t full of the anger like Yeezus but a more personal anger. That anger could be applied to the crowd as a whole. I dunno. It is interesting to think of how much of this crowd of muted colored models juxtaposed with the stark white family he has adopted as his own was intentional or just becasue white clothes looked good.


Kanye showed twice a trailer for a video game he made about his mom going to heaven. He showed it twice because the crowd was understandably stunned the first time. He exclaimed that it was hard to make the game, citing developers don’t think a rapper can make a game. He didn’t realize the issue wasn’t that we underestimate the ability of a rapper to make a good game,  it was because it was about his mom. Rising to heaven as an angel. Having his group of yes men around him has shielded him from this. Or he knows and wants to shield himself.

That is the fascinating part about Kanye. His speech and his rhymes indicate this level of self-awareness that is lost on most people. But then the does things like the video game trailer or saying he wants to be the creative director for Hermes (pronouncing it wrong) or saying how hard it was to fly around the world while making the album/fashion show. He is so human that most of us cannot deal with him. We want to label him with a myriad of negative names but he is reflective of all of us. How we would be in all of the extraordinary situations he has been in. How we would need to be to get to those extraordinary situations. IT does take ego and the ability to apologize later to be able to exceed the boundaries he has.

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