Boxycharm – February 2016

Leap Day William gifted me something better than candy, a beautiful Boxycharm. I did not expect this box as I had signed up mid-month and expected to start in March. So first- squee. Second I am already happy with this subscription.

I got the following

  • Spongelle You Have My Heart on A String ($15)
    Essentially fancy soap on a rope. I had one other I ended up giving a way because the smell wasn’t exactly me but this one is more floral.  Excited to try fancy soap on a rope.
  • Beauty For Real Blush + Glow Stick  ($24)
    The double ended light saber of the make-up world. It will not cut off your hand (not to my knowledge). The blush is a gorgeous coral shade and the highlighter is a subtle goldish color.  I love these creamy roll on blushes/highlighters because they work well for my dry skin.   In a pinch you could try to use it as an actual highlighter.
  • Shray Ms Amazing Facial Mask  ($12)
    Be creepy and moisturize. I really do feel a bit like Cassandra from Doctor Who with these sheet masks. Or a potential serial killer, or a plastic surgery junkie. Either way kind of creepy and borderline psychotic. But so moisturizing and soft.  Thus I am excited to try a new mask.
  • Ofra Banana Powder Godet ($12)
    I have heard things about the concept of banana powder. I guess the Hourglass Ambient Lightning powder in Diffused Light is this. So nevermind – I do have this. It is great. I use it to set my under-eye concealer and as an all over face powder at times. Which according to this card is all possible uses. Yay I did things right! I am curious to try this version which is much cheaper than my Hourglass one (45 vs 12)
  • Freeze 24-7 Anti-Aging Eye Serum ($58)
    I do believe in good skin care to apply make-up well and just to be good to your skin. However the idea of adding another process to my routine isn’t exciting. I have face serum and now another serum. Oh and if anyone was like me and didn’t know. Serum is what you put on before moisturizer.  At least two steps after cleaning.  I get lazy really quickly I want my routine to be effective but simple. This is complicated but I will still try it.
  • Realtree For Her ($12)
    Perfume which is always a dicey thing because smell is so objective. However I have learned something new: I smell amazing. This perfume in the bottle and initially on me was okay just a bit sweet and whatever. Then after 30 minutes, it is sensual, sweet, and yummy. My natural body makes smells better. So yeah whatever perfume, yummy me.


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