Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip Review


Earlier this week I received a good selection of the new Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip products. They come in the same tubes as the Ultra Matte Lip products and apply in the same manner.  Overall I am a fan  but feel they aren’t distinctive enough from other liquid lipsticks to warrant a huge purchase.  Here are my pros and cons-



  • Long lasting. I’ve worn it all day (13 hours) and it is still going strong on my lips. There have been two minor reapplications to the inner circle of my lips.
  • The colors are gorgeous and rival Kat Von D in uniqueness. London Fog was my color of choice today and I felt gorgeous.
  • The slight bit of shine on them is cute.
  • Colourpop price point of $6 is great.
  • It does feel slightly less drying than other liquid lipsticks.


  • They transfer on everything. It isn’t lip lipstick levels but it will never be transfer proof.
  • It was drying enough on my lips to make me wonder where the word satin comes into play.
  • For most in the liquid lipstick game these will appear redundant.

That last point in cons is where I am at. The pros are higher but since I own so many liquid lipsticks that can dupe for these colors, it feels a bit wasted. The fact that they transfer is annoying since they are just as drying as a liquid lipstick.

However I do love some of these colors. The descriptions of the colors swatched below are as follows:

marshmallow: grayed out lavender
prim: dark blackened red
panda: deep pink violet
the rabbit:  bright fuchsia with subtle blue sheen
london fog: blue-toned red
cozy: orange red

Of the ones I own The Rabbit is probably the most unique for me and the one I am most curious to try next. London Fog and Cozy are the ones that are easily dupeable.

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