Couchella Weekend 1 Discoveries

My discoveries from Coachella weekend watching it on the livestream.  Really that is all there is to this. Check it.

 The Pretty One:  A$AP Rocky

He has really good rhymes and flow. You should check him out. In all the ways.


The Sex: Gallant

His songs are sexy as all everything. The live performance was on point too. For reference he is close to Weeknd/Miguel.


Grr Awesome: Savages

This band was a beautiful revelation for me. I got so happy seeing their set that I saw it a second time. Great rock awesome.


Innovation(for me): Zhu

No idea if it is a new idea or not (I assume not) but this is first electronic outfit that has SAXOPHONE SOLOS. Now I want Careless Whisper-esque saxophone solos in every song. Every song.


The New Generation:  Vince Staples

He was paired up against Ice Cube the Livestream and for me overshadowed Ice Cube. I don’t know why it too me so long to actually listen to Vince Staples. He is amazing. Me and You need to listen to him more.


The Lovely Suprise: Zella Day

I didn’t know what to expect from her but I got a strong voice with great music. It makes me happy.


The Strange One: Shamir

It is hip-hop and electronica with a squeaky voice but some how it works for me. I understand if this isn’t your thing but try at least once.


The One That Made me Cry: Meg Myers

I didn’t know what to expect and I got this woman that sings like the girls from the 90s. All that raw emotion. I ended up crying.


The One I Forgot Were Good: The Vandals

I saw the Vandals when I was like 18 or 19?  I didn’t really know them then but loved them. Seeing them today I forgot that I do love them so much. They are a funny punk band but solid with the music. Like really solid.




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