You Do You Wednesday: Fun Resolutions

I am going to try to stick to this blog thing so I will try to post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The loose structure is-

Mondays: Reviews (probably primarily movies)

Wednesdays: You Do You (uplifting things, relaxation things, pampering, being you, a super catchall)

Friday: Awesome List (5 awesome things that happened in my week)

Lets proceed with this blog: Fun Resolutions

Everyone is setting New Years Resolutions. Most involve health in some form (mental/physical). I think it is important to include one resolution that focuses on you increasing something you find joy in.
People are busy/stressed and sometimes we forget to have fun. Or we are having one type of fun and neglect something else. So choose something that you felt you let go last year and that you would like to do more. It could be something as simple as eat more Popsicles, or huge like travel more (if you are fortunate enough to make that happen).

Mine this year is watch more movies. I have an ever growing list and I keep on neglecting them. I used my holiday vacation to watch some movies and I am keeping up that trend into the new year. I have a good list that isn’t prohibitive to success. I think that is important also. You need to set resolutions/goals that are motivating but attainable. Unless you have the will and motivation of an elephant in the Planters factory you probably won’t achieve insane goals.  If you complete it early, you can always extend it and get extra gold stars. Your bonus levels.

So go forth and have fun.



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