Awesome List: Animal Crossing Style

5. Motto for the year
I watched Lawrence of Arabia recently and there is one kind of exchange that I love and I am adopting as my motto for 2017.
William Potter: Ooh! It damn well ‘urts!

T.E. Lawrence: Certainly it hurts.

Officer: What’s the trick then?

T.E. Lawrence: The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts.

“Is not minding that it hurts” is how I will live 2017. Sure pain may come (esp after January 20th) and difficulty but I am going to do my best to minimize the effects it has on me.  Never Surrender is my sub-motto.
4. Bluetooth headphones
I have two sets now (1 set for exercising -ha! and 1 set for my laptop) and I love them both. Cords are for losers to trip on.
Mine have allowed me:
-To comfortably play on my DS while watching things.
-Dance in the kitchen
-Just be insanely awesome.

These Ghostek headphones are pretty and also really good headphones. Also fairly priced (apprx $80)

3. Toffee
It is mmmm tasty. Especially if it has pecans in it.
Tasty mmmmmm. Really do I need to say more?

2. Philly Cheesesteak Skillet
I am trying to be less carb focused. I am not doing any crazy health plans at the moment because I really don’t want to fall off the NYE Resolution eating better bandwagon. It hurts. I can only hurt my knees so much.
I made a dish of thin sliced steak, onions, cheese, lots of spinach. It was a last minute lets make things with things in the house kind of thing. You know generally a clusterfuck but this time it was a CLUSTERYUM (tm lushrain enterprises).

1. Animal Crossing New Leaf
I am back! I built a new town (Love) and I am called Mayor Mayor because who doesn’t love a Catch-22 reference in the ultimate kawaii game?
My normal strict town rules are in effect. So much so I have put a note on the town bulletin board instructing the animals not to put flowers where they don’t go. Hard is to realize that yellow roses don’t go in a field of red roses? Seriously. I don’t want to have to start just sending you random dead fish each day, Sprinkle.


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