Movie Review: Silence

Dir: Martin Scorsese
Released: 2016
RunTime:  2hr 39min

Of all the potential Oscar nominated movies this is the one that hit me the hardest emotionally. The feelings from that movie still permeate throughout me. I am thinking about it even though it has been 5 days since I have seen the movie.

Silence was a beautiful, brutal visual poem. There was this quiet mediation to the movie that allowed you to absorb everything in a moment: the framing, the action, the silence and sounds.  The film was languid I believe to give you the time to empathize with the main character.  To fully understand his position even if you aren’t of the same faith. It does present interesting conversations and challenges on the concept of faith.

The showing I was was about half full and it felt like the theater, like I, was almost holding their breath throughout the movie. There is so much to absorb it is hard to take time to do anything else except watch. You as the observer of the movie resonates with the theme of observing in the movie.

This movie may not be for everyone but I think it should be attempted. When it hits you, it hits you hard and you do feel like you have had this special moment that you won’t be able to recreate.


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