You Do You Power Lipstick

This is obviously a completely subjective topic as it doesn’t apply to everyone. I do think there are those power things you wear or carry that make you feel like a confident badass. It can be really anything.

Recently for me it is this one lipstick I got: Kat Von D Everlasting Lipstick in the shade Sanctuary. It is a nude brown that isn’t too dark or too light. When I wear it I feel the power of a dark vamp lip without having to constantly worry about it rubbing off. Even when it is partially off it still looks beautiful.  I have created multiple eye looks to accommodate my  power lipstick which is something I never do (always vice versa). I feel sexy, strong, and totally me in this lipstick.


So I encourage you all to find your power item and let me know what it is. I am truly curious to know what makes all of you people strong and confident. If you don’t have one, try out new things or maybe start off  with what makes you feel safe. It could be that or a variant of it. Like from a hoodie to a kick-ass sweater.



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