Awesome List

This is a hard Awesome List to create. Personally because this week I have been various stages of sick. Otherwise the inauguration of Donald Trump and the response from some people have made me sad. It is hard to see people who just want to “wait and see” with a person that doesn’t respect all of the people that comprise this nation.

But lets try to boom some happy into this weekend:

5. Hidden Figures
I saw this movie on Monday with my BFF. This movie is fun and poignant and probably the best of these “based on true story” movies that circulate around Oscar season. It was just a good movie and not one trying to pander for votes. I think everyone should check it out, it is a movie for all.

4. Animal Crossing Dates with Andrea
I am still in super Animal Crossing mode. I have so many Amiibo cards it is almost shameful. One of my favorite things is Andrea and I spending time in each others town. We go fishing together, drink coffee, go shopping. It is hard to be so far away from him and this helps to bridge the distance.

3. Run The Jewels
Music with good beats and a good message is hitting me the most right now.  Their latest album, RTJ 3,  is excellent just like the other two. I am particularly fond of “Stay Gold“.  I am also excited that I get to see them in 10 days. This is the motivation I need to stay active and full of love.
Confession: while writing this blog I am listening to the new John Mayer EP. You can never take the white girl out of me. 

2. Rain
It has been raining a lot here and I really love it. I love it partially because it doesn’t rain a lot here. The rain is encouraging me to drink more coffee, wear gorgeous gray nail polishes, use my nudeish brown lipsticks, and wear cute boots. There is a level of comfort I find in the rain: the sound, the ability to snuggle under a blanket. It is really comforting when I am not feeling well. There is something about the weather mimicking your mood (and thankfully not vice versa) that makes it seem like the universe is on your side even for a moment.

1. Love, Respect, and Kindness

These are the three things I do my best to practice and preach on a daily basis. I am fortunate that the overwhelming majority of people in my life and social media circles practice these things. They are active and angry or frustrated with the world we are in today but they do their best to try to understand and practice LRK. In a moment of preach I do encourage you all to do the same. It is really hard at times when the person you are dealing with is not doing the same but it really is the only way for us to survive. Anger is useful and can be productive but you need to balance it with love to keep your sanity and to prevent violence. Wow that is too preachy but I am keeping it.

Stay awesome my friends.



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