Surreal Awesome List

A long time ago in the blah blahaxy near near to here I used to do a list of things I found awesome. I think I am going to do that again for my sanity and maybe yours too. Maybe there will be a choice nugget you can latch on to for a burst of happy. I have been functioning through these bursts. So hold onto your butts? here we go:

Note: I am bad at posting so I am doing this with minimal editing. I apologize for spelling and grammar issues. I will get better.

  1. Animal Crossing- I have the best Island it is called Hot Soup. It is currently filled with 2 cute squirrels and 2 cute mice and 2 cute octopi (and other randos) but if I get my way it will be all cute things. I have paths everywhere and I am everyone’s god and master as I am the one that funds the entire island. This is a level of control I love and happy I can get.
  2. Never Not Funny- I have been listening to this podcast since episode 2 (over 10 years ago) and in this time it is the most comforting podcast I hear. It is funny, honest, and now they do more trivia so I am there. They also have a consistent 2 epi a week schedule with a 3rd epi posted for this situation (subscription required for all 3 episodes a week. One episode free each week).

3. Thundercat It Is What It IS What I am listening to as I am writing this because it makes me feel chill and ready to make out (when it is safe to do so). It is a sound that I need for those times to try to quiet the brain. I call it a mix of R&B and Yacht Rock.

4. Bon Appetit YouTube (especially Gourmet Makes)– I love cooking and friendly ensembles and this channel is both. The star is Gourmet Makes because I feel it is a show that will be good for people who cook and those who will never cook. The premise is Claire Saffitz will try to attempt to recreate a gourmet (but still striving for the same taste/look) of classic treats (M&Ms, pop tarts, pop rocks, etc). It is fun, has some good cooking advice, and light crafting.

5. Hot Sauce- I never hated hot sauce but I also didn’t reach for it (except with a burrito). At this moment I eat it with almost every meal because that endorphin rush is great. I know it may feel sad or desparate but it helps. I also get the same feeling with sparkling water with a ton of ice. The hot sauce I am currently enjoying is made by a TryGuy, Keith, and can be bought here:
I am not a spice dude but I am not a baby so it is probably on the low medium of the spice wagon but I find it kicky and taaaaaasty. It even made a meh frozen breakfast sandwich divine.

5. Strawberries (2 in the five slot!)- Unless you are Tess of the D’ubervilles or allergic, strawberries are nothing but sunshine amazingly good. You can put them in oatmeal, a cake, ice cream, scones, salads, on their own. They are just little nuggets that say “be happy with me”.

6. Instant Yeast- I understood people buying toilet paper and all of the pasta. When they came after my yeast, I had issues. Which gave me my first since of bitterness in this time (besides at the President) with thoughts like “Are they even going to bake anything?” But then I found some fancy site that sold me a 1lb of yeast for less per oz than what I paid for the 4oz jar I have in my fridge. I can make breads for all the people I know! (At a safe distance)

7. The Social Network (aka the re-watch)- I re-watched this movie the other day and I had forgotten how much I loved it. I am realizing this is the time to re-watch all of those movies you loved/liked but haven’t seen in forever ago. For me it is hard to start new things but rediscoveries can be so beautiful. I am kind of doing an either Aaron Sorkin and or David Fincher re-watch and having the greatest time. (except the Newsroom there is too much for me to have to push aside to watch that one.)

9. Jumpsuits- I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home and I have been dressing for work each day. Mind you the only requirements I have is that it can’t be pajamas and must have stretch or softness. I have a couple of jumpsuits that make me feel attractive but also feel like I am wearing pajamas and I urge you to find the most comfortable items that also make you feel good. It is probably easier than you think.

10. Trying Something New- This is a vague one. It could be as simple as a new show/movie up to a new hobby. For me is it is new recipes (especially ones that help to use up ingredients that are going bad). I don’t suggest you should stick to the things you try but I find at least trying does help a bit. We all have expectations that if you start something you must finish it but unless it is home renovations (I suggest not choosing this) you can drop it if it isn’t clicking for you. This is the time to keep on trying new things until it clicks. It is is the time that you can say fuck it for things that you try that don’t work. Or if your top hat you bought is too small for your huge head (it doesn’t look huge but it is and my arms and legs are so small. I am a t-rex. See self-isolation is good for t-rex revalations).

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