Olympus Has Fallen

Venturing into the oeuvre of Gerard Butler. For no goddamm good reason except I need a task during quarantine and this is what I have chosen. Why? Hell if I know. I seriously don’t know. I think this is one of the better ones and I am tired.

Note probably spoilers ahead:

This movie has everything: nuclear detonation, terrorists, destruction of classic American landmarks, knee slides, a club where congresspeople stab each other in the legs to feel, and Dylan McDermott.

As with all good Aaron Eckhart movies, it doesn’t get really amped until his pretty brunette dies.

Overall for the good action moments and bloody realness there is too much detail to codes, politics, and title signs to make me care. It needs to be way way more dumbed-down. You are either a dumb action movie or something high-stakes and serious. You can’t be both. This tries to be both.

Dylan McDermott is evil? Update: he is

Reminder : finish watching Shiri.

Seriously stupid things:

-actual Black Hawk Down

-Codes located in envelope that said “TOP SECRET”

-Gerard Butler like a video game protagionist can find any weapon at any time. He convenently found a rocket launcher.

Score 2.5 out of 3.

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